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MS&E welcomes undergraduates to participate in our research program!

Applications for the Spring quarter are now closed.

The deadline to apply is March 29th, 2024. Decisions will be announced by April 17th, 2024, and will be made with awareness of and in conformance with the June 2023 Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.

MS&E has an active community of researchers working on everything from policy and technology to entrepreneurship and more! As an undergraduate, you can join the research community through the MS&E Undergraduate Diversity in Research Program organized by the MS&E DE&I Committee. Applications are welcome from students of all backgrounds.

The goal of this program is to support and encourage diverse voices to explore the research space and become a part of the MS&E academic community. Diversity is a fundamental value of the MS&E department. We want our research community to include and be supportive of perspectives from varying backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to apply. There is no GPA and/or course requirements for this program. Above all, we value commitment and enthusiasm.

Through this program, undergraduate students will participate in a quarter-long research project under the mentorship of an MS&E faculty mentor, with the opportunity to extend their research project into the next quarter. Throughout the quarter you will work on cutting-edge research, receive close mentorship from faculty and graduate students, become part of a close-knit cohort of undergraduate researchers, and get to present your work at the end of the quarter.

Time commitment

You will be expected to engage approximately 10 hours per week for at least one quarter. During your 10 hours of weekly research, you will:

  • Meet with your faculty mentor to discuss project progress
  • Work on weekly deliverables for your project
  • Meet with your undergraduate research cohort to get to know each other

Course Credit or Stipend

Participants in the program will have the option to receive course credit (up to 3 units) or a stipend.

Important Note on Financial Aid if Stipend is elected:

Approximately 25% of students enter the program with external fellowships that cover their $5,000 student contribution. For these students, accepting a stipend may not provide additional financial benefit, as it could replace existing aid. Before choosing between a stipend and credit, please consult with the financial aid office to understand the potential impact on your specific financial situation. It is crucial to note that some students may already have funding up to the $5,000 maximum and should carefully consider whether to accept additional stipends.

In cases where receiving a stipend will have a negative impact on financial aid, opting to receive course credit for the program is the advised course of action (without exception). This ensures a thoughtful decision-making process that aligns with individual financial circumstances.


For more information, please contact Jackie Nguyen ( or Vasilis Syrgkanis (