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UDR Stories & Voices

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As part of the Stanford MS&E: Stories & Voices podcast, we chat with a handful of students who participated in the MS&E Undergraduate Diversity in Research program. Hear their stories, experiences, and plans for the future below.

2021-22 cohort

Symbolic Systems major

Bethelehem Engeda

Bethelehem worked with MS&E PhD student Carrington Motley on a research project called “Turning Failure Into Fuel” to study factors and traits that enable serial entrepreneurs to improve performance on subsequent ventures after a failed venture.

Hear Bethelehem's story
Mathematics major

Quinn Smalling

Quinn worked with his mentor, MS&E PhD student Josh Grossman, on research in the Stanford Computational Policy Lab in MS&E.

Hear Quinn's story
Computer Science major

Romuald Thomas

Romuald worked with his mentor, MS&E professor Johan Ugander, to study the correlations between demographics and the effects of implementing ranked choice voting.

Hear Romuald's story