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In Support of Diversity

Diversity is a fundamental value of the MS&E department. We value the academic, social, and broader community benefits that come from engaging with different viewpoints. We want our community to include and be supportive of perspectives from varying backgrounds.

MS&E is committed to supporting diversity and recognizes its responsibility in creating welcoming and inclusive spaces for all of its students.

The MS&E Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is charged with auditing and reporting on department practices, increasing diversity in our MS&E community, and communicating and coordinating with campus groups on issues broadly related to diversity and inclusion. For more information about the committee's work, feel free to reach out to the department or one of our MS&E committee members.

You may leave (anonymous) comments or suggestions for the committee here. To ensure you receive announcements about the committee's work—especially for those not in MS&E—we invite you to join our mailing list

resources and links

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Resources

  • Video readings
  • Campus groups
  • Reports (coming soon)

Committee Members