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Current Fellows

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Meet our current cohort of research fellows!

Temi Adeyemo

Temiloluwa Adeyemo is a senior studying Human Biology with a concentration in Global Child and Adolescent Mental Health. He was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria and currently lives in Waynesboro, Virginia. His research interests are varied, but he is particularly passionate about psychology, race, and the American criminal justice system. Temi is also a premedical student and is committed to improving mental healthcare in his native country. In his free time, Temi enjoys watching and playing soccer, weightlifting, cooking, and writing poetry.

Alahji Barry

Alahji Barry is a senior majoring in Computer Science and intends to pursue a coterm in MS&E. He is interested in exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and social justice, and is committed to developing technology-based solutions to problems largely affected by underrepresented communities. He believes that technology can be a catalyst for change - a powerful tool that can help us solve the world’s most pressing problems and eliminate existing disparities. In his free time, Alahji enjoys traveling, photography, and discovering new experiences.

Oscar Cortes

Oscar Cortes is a senior from Cary, Illinois studying Physics with a minor and music. He has a keen interest in stochastics and applying stochastic modeling to emergency bed usage with Professors Peter Glynn and Jose Blanchet. In his free time, Oscar likes to cook, play his guitar, and go for long walks on the beach

Iyanu Dare

Iyanu Dare is a sophomore studying Economics. She grew up in London but is Nigerian and is interested in mitigating global economic development disparities particularly in relation to education, poverty and healthcare. She is also interested in how technology and policy can be used to narrow these inequities. Prior to Stanford she organized financial literacy programs for youth in her local community. In her free time, she enjoys tutoring high school students, hiking, and dancing.

Alan De Loera

 Alan De Loera is a sophomore majoring in computer science (with a focus on artificial intelligence) and minoring in MS&E. Alan grew up in Texas and spent a lot of my summers in Aguascalientes, Mexico, where my parents are from. Growing up, Alan was a professional cowboy, called a charro, and competed at nationals in the US and Mexico. Alan enjoys coffee, the outdoors, video games, space, music, soccer, basketball, and good conversations about life. In particular, Alan is passionate about include climate change, minority representation in STEM, economic justice, and social justice.

Feona Dong

Feona is a senior studying Public Policy and Data Science, and they have a keen interest in studying education and mental health. They're especially excited about the opportunity to research education policy with Professor Irene Lo! Feona enjoys savoring French-Japanese cakes, integrating the color yellow into their day, and journaling about everything. Feona also works as a WCC coordinator and finds joy in the fauna of Stanford.

Kurt Enriquez

Kurt Enriquez is from Indio, CA and is majoring in Human Biology (Biocomputation and Health Data Concentration) with a minor in Computer Science. Taking advantage of the HumBio Program's academic flexibility, Kurt plans to combine the humanitarian side of medicine and technical skills from computer science to bridge access to healthcare in underserved communities. At Stanford, Kurt has enjoyed celebrating his Filipino culture through PASU (Pilipinx-American Student Union) and exploring the arts through the Stanford Wind Symphony and Kayumanggi (Filipino Cultural Performance Group). In his free time, he enjoys exploring new restaurants with friends, watching anime, or playing video games. You may find him at Blend Eatery snacking on lumpia and tocino!

Kerilynn Guevara 

Kerilynn Guevara is a sophomore majoring in Data Science. Having lived in Mexico before moving back to Wisconsin, she has an interest in the way language and inaccessible information for non-English speakers creates disparity within the realms of healthcare and education. Aside from data analysis, she has an interest in learning how things work and enjoys working with hardware and learning how to build/put things back together. Outside of academics, she enjoys traveling, sightseeing, and making last-minute plans to explore new places- especially in the outdoors.

Katrina Kuo

Katrina Kuo is a sophomore majoring in Design (AI + Digital User Experience track) and minoring in MS&E. She is passionate about design, technology, and entrepreneurship. Katrina has interned at startups to help leverage technology for product development and to promote conscious leadership. During Katrina's leisure time, she enjoys listening to music, going to the beach, and going on hiking adventures.

Bryant Mendez Melchor

Bryant Mendez Melchor is a sophomore from Whittier, CA majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Economics. Bryant is interested in entrepreneurship and increasing minority representation in tech. He hopes to work with marginalized communities to design and develop more equitable and inclusive technology. In his free time, Bryant enjoys watching movies and exploring the Bay with his friends.

Nolan Mejia

Nolan Mejia is a sophomore from San Diego, California studying Management Science and Engineering. As Academic Director for the Society of Latinx Engineers at Stanford, he is passionate about increasing diversity and representation. He is also involved in Men's Club Volleyball and Phi Kappa Psi. In his free time, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and playing Spikeball.

Megan Mou

Bio coming soon!

Christian Nichols

Christian is a freshman who is planning on studying computer science. He grew up in Saint Lucia before moving to Brockton, MA and has interests in artificial intelligence and health systems. In Christian's free time, he enjoys listening to R&B music and watching science fiction shows and movies.

Daniel Rullan

Daniel Rullan is a freshman at Stanford University from Visalia, California. He is interested in exploring the intersections of Bioengineering, Management and AI. He is passionate about bringing affordable medicine to communities in need. In his free time you can find him on the court playing for the club basketball team and eating pizza.

Sebastian Russo

Sebastian is a sophomore from Texas interested in venture capital on campus and its role in accelerating impactful ventures. On campus, he's involved in Stanford Energy Club and is on SENSA's VC team. He's majoring in Symbolic Systems and minoring in Economics.

Maria Wang

Maria Wang (she/her) is a sophomore from Philadelphia studying Design and Computer Science. She's interested in the intersections between entrepreneurship, energy, and policy and is hoping to use computer science and design methods to accelerate renewable energy's adoption. In her free time, Maria likes to draw, read, play videogames, and write poetry.

Vivian Wang

Originally from Orange County, CA, Vivian Wang is a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Management Science & Engineering. Vivian is especially interested in leveraging technology to build better teams and creating spaces to uplift minorities in tech. In her free time, she enjoys spending a day at Disneyland, going on hikes, traveling the world, writing articles for The Stanford Daily, and walking backwards across campus as a tour guide at Stanford. For the MS&E Undergraduate in Diversity Research Program, Vivian will be working with Wajeeha Ahmad to explore misinformation and Twitter's "read before you retweet" design change.

Katherine Woo

Katherine is a sophomore double majoring in Human Biology and Communication. She is interested in the intersection of statistics and biology and is passionate about accessible healthcare and healthcare communication. She looks forward to working at SURF analyzing type 1 diabetes. In her free time, she enjoys driving and exploring California's coasts, reading poetry, and trying new kinds of coffee.

Nicole Yang

Nicole Yang is a junior majoring in Management Science and Engineering with a concentration in Finance and Decision, and intending to pursue a coterm in it as well. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and enjoys playing tennis and trying out new food in the Bay Area in her free time. Nicole is passionate about the ethics of technology, economics, and machine learning, and hopes to apply her skills to help the underserved. At Stanford, Nicole is currently the Vice President of Stanford Smart Woman Securities, an Associate for Stanford Women on Boards, and a part of the Hmong Student Union.

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