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Current Fellows

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Meet our current cohort of research fellows!

Thanawan Atchariyachanvanit

Thanawan Atchariyachanvanit (Ly-Ly) is a junior majoring in Computer Science and has a keen interest in exploring the connection between finance and technology. She was born and raised in Thailand. During her time at Stanford, she worked as a CURIS undergraduate researcher with Professor Chris Manning, contributed to the Stanford Chirpy Cardinal Team, and served as a CS106 section leader & SUMO peer math tutor. Outside of academics, he's actively involved as a co-president of the Stanford Thai Student Association and formerly held the role of Vice President in the Stanford Table Tennis club. In her free time, she enjoys watching series and anime, playing table tennis, and exploring new café .

Winson Cheng

Winson is a junior majoring in Computer Science with specializations in AI and Theory and minoring in MS&E. He is passionate about using novel algorithms to solve complex problems and uplift under-resourced communities, and is excited to be researching stochastic models with Professor Peter Glynn. In his free time, Winson enjoys going to the gym, biking around the bay, and hanging out with his friends in SF.

Kumar Chandra

Kumar Chandra is a freshman majoring in computer science and minoring in math. He is from California and is interesting in using computer science to redesign social structures to be more efficient and fair. In his free time he enjoys biking, playing pool, and baking.

Arjin Claire

Arjin Claire is a sophomore studying Economics with an intended minor in Data Science. He was born and raised in Sacramento, California and still lives there to this day. His specific research interests include examining the intersection between economics/businesses, data, and technology. He also has a newly-found passion for neuroscience that he hopes to develop during the remainder of his time here. In his free time, Arjin enjoys watching TV, playing soccer, cooking, and reading.

Alana Esposito

Alana Esposito is a sophomore from Huntersville, North Carolina. She's interested in studying the social impacts of engineered systems.

Karetina Fekade-Tessema

Karetina Tessema is a Junior from Seattle, WA studying International Relations with a concentration in Economic Development and minor in Data Science. She is passionate about the intersection of economic development and data-driven decision-making in regard to economic & social development, particularly in marginalized communities. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and listening to music.

Aayush Jain

Aayush Jain is a Computer Science and HCI student interested in how technology and people work together. He aims to learn more about how companies can become more empathetic, prioritize their users, and improve within the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Francesca Malayeri

Francesca Malayeri is a current senior studying Economics, and is interested in Latino entrepreneurship, sustainability, and organizational regulation. She's especially excited to study Black and Latinx venture-backed entrepreneurs under Prof. Alicia Sheares. Outside of her research, Francesca enjoys listening to jazz music, trying new foods, and journaling.

Betty Wu

Betty Wu is a junior majoring in Management Science and Engineering and Computer Science. She’s from China but has attended schools in South Korea and Costa Rica. She has research interests in health policy and healthcare innovation.